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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kuriosity in Kokonino

A visitor from a parallel universe intrudes on my work time.

"That's a good idea you had about the poetry," says Doreen (for it is she), "but in future it would be best if you sent that to Frog and then he would action it. If you send ideas to everyone they may just get on with it themselves."

"Yes... there are a few issues about communications aren't there...?"

"I see that as Frog's job to do, seeing as it's about children's work."

"Ah yes. There are certain problems that those of us with Borough-wide responsibilities have with trying to get things to happen within our libraries."

"Yes, I know what you mean. Sometimes we need to tell people to just do as they're told."

"Like encouraging customers to use our online services, or reporting faults properly, or making sure they've not got overdue loans themselves... Yes, I think I'd agree, Doreen. Of course, I could tell people to do as they're told until I'm blue in the face but it's pretty much down to the supervision and line management on the ground..."

"Frog needs to take more responsibility onto himself in his position."

"That's a point of view... I think we could do with establishing a few action lines."

Something very odd is going on in our management suite. It's bad enough that they're asking me to act as referee in some of their spats between themselves; I'm not taking their side in spats with my peers, unless my peers are being particularly stupid.

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