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Thursday, September 18, 2008

In leggus, likus bitum yeggus

Seth and Alwyn are out in the van, shit-shifting as per. This time it's the old Roadkill Library. That's the old Roadkill Library that had to be cleared out by June. Anyway...

Lending ring down asking if the lads are around. They're needed to "persuade" some of the local youths to leave the library after an altercation. Noreen takes the call, tells them that they're not about and then goes and hunts down Doreen, who is the Group Librarian for Helminthdale Central.

"Can 't they deal with it themselves?" asks Doreen.

"No, that's why they're trying to get hold of Seth or Alwyn. Do you want me to transfer the 'phone call to you?"

"No. Just keep an eye out to see when Seth's back and if you see him let him know that there's a problem and he might want to contact the shopping centre's security."

With great power comes responsibility.


Lavinia said...

Oh dear, I didn't know the shadow of the 'binge drinking lads' problem in the UK would ever darken the doorstep of a library. Is nothing sacred.

Kevin Musgrove said...

The binge drinkers we can cope with. It's the adolescent male horseplay that gets a bit annoying in a library.