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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lowestoft offers the best skiing facilities in Suffolk

Epiphany Library re-opens tomorrow. I ask Thelma how things are going and she replies that the computers are working, touch wood, and she's got enough the stock on the shelves to look respectable despite the fact that she's had to do it nearly all by herself when she wasn't been called back to cover the enquiry desk at Helminthdale (Elmo was allowed out for an afternoon to help; what happens when Epiphany's open and they aren't available to cover for vacancies remains to be seen). I reckon they've done a bloody good job of it. She's a bit pissed off, though.

"All this time with no help whatsoever and then two carloads of people turn up unannounced and expect me to drop everything so that I can give them a tour of the premises. And do you know what the first thing Mary said to me was? 'You've not got any displays up.' Well, sorry, Mary, I thought that getting the place cleaned up and getting the stock out on the shelves was the first priority. If she's so worried about the displays she could have come over and lent a hand or something."

You can always count on Mary to put a damp flannel on any glimmerings of job satisfaction.

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