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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Excuse me, Mr. Michaelangelo, what time does the big picture start?

Nothing much today.

The network did as the network does. Some boxes that were expected urgently didn't arrive. Some boxes that weren't expected did. A pile of boxes of Book Off books appeared as if by magic between Bronwyn's and Frog's desks. A pile of boxes of Book You books mysteriously disappeared from a depot in Umpty. Someone brought in chocolate. Somebody used up all of Lending's milk. Urgent orders have gone unsigned because it's urgent that somebody talks about their daughter's holiday that she hasn't gone on yet. Someone didn't tell somebody they were scheduled to do a storytime in the week they've booked for a holiday on a fishing smack in Polesworth. Somebody didn't tell somebody that they needed statistics for a report that should have been submitted last Tuesday. And somebody didn't tell anybody that they'd changed the password for logging on all Lending's PCs. Two senior managers are sulking about batteries. Two senior managers are sulking about CDs. Two senior managers are sulking for being told off for sulking. One very senior manager has given up trying to get performance data from his senior managers when he needs it. Three people are off sick with winter vomiting virus. Two people are off sick with the scutters. Five people are covering six service points. Two senior managers have said: "we need to get together to plan staff resource allocation."

All quiet, nothing to see. I hope I'll have something to write about tomorrow.

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