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Thursday, September 11, 2008

His moustache was nicely waxed and one foot long

Henry Irving's in a bate, and not without reason. A couple of months ago he arranged with Mary for Frog to do some story events as part of this year's Step Into September At Sheep City programme. The first Frog knew about it was when he bumped into somebody in Sainsbury's and they asked: "looking forward to coming to see us next week?" Needless to say, Mary hadn't told Frog that this had been arranged.

Hurried consultations and diary-checkings on Monday led to arrangements being made whereby Frog does a couple of sessions when he's free and Henry does the ones that he can't make because of prior engagements. There is an entertaining flurry of emails between the two as they cobble together a selection of stories and activities appropriate for the billed themes (the swinging sixties and the First World War, not necessarily in that order). This morning Henry hurries over to collect the stories and props for the first session (he reckons it's 'Lulu sings Wilfred Owen').

"Have you seen a copy of the whole programme yet?" he asks Frog.

"Only the one you emailed to me on Monday."

"It'll still be in that woman's sodding 'unread emails' folder."

And thus is partnership working effected.

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