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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sort of everything I've never wanted

Three 'phone calls so far today on the same theme, all from upstairs:

"We keep being thrown off the network."

"Yes, there are major network problems. It's affecting everyone in the council."

IT know about it and are trying to nail it but it's been going on for three weeks now. Every day they send everybody an email to say that there's been no progress and that we'll continue to have network problems for the foreseeable. I've sent emails to this effect to all library staff both via Outlook and the library management system. Sybil sent an email to this effect on the LMS last Saturday. I think we have established that there are major network problems.

"But we keep losing the connection to the People's Network."

"Yes, there are major network problems."

"So when's it being sorted?"

"IT are looking into it but they've spent three weeks so far on it and still not found a solution. It's something we're just going to have to cope with until they can nail it."

"But why can't we print to the network printer?"

"Perhaps because there are major network problems."

"But why won't it print?"

I wouldn't mind if these were new members of staff, all of whom take these problems in their stride.

Please God, don't let the network problems affect the reference library at Dutch Bend. I couldn't bear the conversation.

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