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Monday, September 08, 2008

All blind alleys lead to their door

Frog is hopping mad. He'd had an enquiry from a boy scout troop who wanted to bring some scouts into the library to have a look around and to look up some things on the internet. No problem, he suggested that they needed to book a few of the PCs to make sure they'd be available at the appropriate moment and he passed the query upstairs to the lending library. There were a couple of problems at that point so the library assistant took the details and told them that it would be sorted in readiness. She was finishing at lunchtime and so couldn't get the booking placed so she gave the details to Doreen and asked her to sort the necessary.

Doreen has passed the query back to Frog for him to sort out. He doesn't have access to the booking system so he's had to go upstairs to lending to do it.

Every other library in the borough is able to deal with its own customers directly. Why Helminthdale Central has to consistently pass them on to backstage staff to deal with is beyond me.

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