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Monday, September 22, 2008

All kats are gray in the dark

For the umpteenth time today the corporate network starts having random drop-outs. And for the umpteenth time today I get a bevvy of 'phone calls from libraries reporting that all the PCs have gone off again. To add to the joy, I can't contact the network helpdesk because
  1. My PC's one of the ones kicked off the network; and
  2. The helpdesk's telephone system has been kicked offline, too

I pop into the Management Suite to give Milton the story to date in case he gets complaints from the usual suspects. Once I've finished, Doreen pipes up.

"Are you going to ring around the libraries to let them know what's happening."

"They already know: they've been ringing me up to tell me."

"I think you need to ring them up so that they know."

"OK, I shall go away and waste a pile of time ringing people up to tell them what they know and have told me themselves."



The Topiary Cow said...

This reminds me of, after Hurricane Katrina, Ike and Gustav, people who called and called government phone lines only to have them busy, were told to access them on the internet instead.

How, without power, phone lines, libraries with computers, coffee shops with computers, this was to be done, wasn't even a question by the authorities.


Kevin Musgrove said...

Unthinking authority. Gah.

Good to see you've survived the ordeal!

The Topiary Cow said...

Yes. Topiary largely intact, though possibly a little singed around the edges.


Major D'Omo said...

Ask Kevin about the "Major Disaster" that he experienced at the St. Louis airport in 2005. Cracks me up.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Stupid indeed. Tell Doreen to get busy breeding some homing pigeons for just such emergencies.

The Topiary Cow said...

St. Louis Airport? Disaster? 2005?

more, please!


Kevin Musgrove said...

a mere bagatelle. It rained and the city lot its electricity for a night. Cue lots of airport customer services people doing everything short of anything to do with customers. Fun.

Major D'Omo said...

The fun part was when the intrepid Musgrove walked up to a uniformed law enforcement official for some information (having failed to get it from the airlines and the airport staff), said official was apparently holding forth about this being a "major disaster". I don't think Kevin thought a power cut at an airport made it into this league and may have opined such. I further suspect Mrs. Musgrove's offspring nearly ended up with an orange jumpsuit in in Guantanamo. I picked him up at the Joni Mitchell Regional Airport (near Fort Baxter) the following morning after he'd spent the night on a luggage scale in his linen suit and flown down in a 19-seater puddle jumper.

PS If you find you're scheduled on on a flight with him - rebook. he was 5 hours late into Sheboygan International this last time.

Head of Operationas, Northern Fail said...

he buggers up train time tables too