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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Six-five special

Roll out your dancing trousers!

(with all due respects and abject apologies to Buddy and Bill)

The calendar says two-oh-oh-eight
But here it's 1958
And I'm working
In the library.

We automate, lay networks down,
But act like we're still stuck in Browne.
It's not working
In the library.

Oh, library! library!
What will become of me?

I say that projects are months late
But still they stall and obfuscate.
This is 'working'
In the library.


...Yes I'm working in the library.

Oh library! library!
When will retirement be?

The leadership's a formless game:
Disrupt and change and stay the same.
Oh it's painful
In the library.

In the library...


One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock block.
Five, six, seven o'clock, eight o'clock block.
Nine, ten, eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock block.
We're gonna block around the clock tonight.

Get your business plans filed in that tray
You'll not get any done this day.
We're gonna block around the clock tonight;
Prevaricate and wait and keep lids tight.
We're gonna block, grid-a-lock and crock the lot tonight.

We've given you a job to do
Now don't get thinking we'll help you.
We're gonna block around the clock tonight;
We'll use a sock to block any chinks of light.
We'll run amok, all to cock, around the clock tonight.

(guitars and buck-passing)

We've vague outcomes kept 'neath the veil
Set up so you can only fail.
We're gonna chock around the clock tonight;
Chuffin' eck we'll wreck anything that's right.
Gonna chock, gonna block around the clock tonight.

You're trying to escape your fate.
We garble, muddle, complicate.
We're gonna block around the clock tonight;
Post-hoc schlock will make it all a fright.
Gonna knock all to cock all you think you've got tonight.

(saxophones amidst the scapegoating)

So your deadline's passed, you're running late
Soon you can procrastinate.
We're gonna block the lot and keep things tight.
We're goona progress-lock everything in sight.
We're gonna block, gonna block the whole damn lot tonight.


Lavinia said...

Wow. It's a hotbed of intrigue and sinister goings-on where you are. Makes "Macbeth" seem as tame as naptime in the nursery compared to this.

The Dotterel said...

Something of an improvement on the original, if you ask me!

Kevin Musgrove said...

Lavinia: pay no heed, it's just one long episode of Pussycat Willum, honestly.

Ta Mr. d.