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Friday, October 26, 2007

We couldn't afford Jack Hawkins

We're looking at the job description and responsibilities for Jimmy Huddersfield's replacement. Except that it isn't. Although this bod will be line-managing the Acquisitions Team we have to go a long way down the page to find any reference to them. This post's primary concerns will be reader development events and book sale. Stock management proper comes six items down after the book sale. Line managing Acq turns out to be one of the secondary responsibilities, just three items down after "providing cover for the enquiry desk."

Noreen determines to ask Mary about this.

"We don't seem to feature in this new person's job description even though they're going to be our line manager and, presumably, will be responsible for our work and our training and development."

"I didn't include you because I wanted to protect this post just in case consortium ordering ever came into effect."

The Acq. Team feel valued.

1 comment:

Nev said...

Even if they think it, why would anyone actually *say* that???

Some managers couldn't run diorhea.