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Monday, October 22, 2007

The laxative on a stick

Due to a distribution snafu with BookTruss Frog's not got a full delivery of materiel for the tiny tots and is trying to work out how the family literacy events are going to be serviced until next month's delivery. Mary is very supportive.

"If some nursery events have to be cancelled they have to be cancelled."

Of course, Frog'll get the blame for it, not BookTruss.

(We won't mention that Mary told him not to order so much materiel.)

Family literacy's place in the scheme of things is brought into sharp relief very swiftly. Frog has to crave a boon of Mary.

"I've had a 'phone call from Epiphany Library. They've put in a stationery order for some Copydex but that's not going to be processed until next week and they need some for the storytime event tomorrow."

"Copydex? Copydex? I didn't know we had any Copydex. What do they need Copydex for? Can you ask them why they need it. We could do with finding out how many bottles we've got in the stationery stores."

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