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Friday, October 12, 2007


There's a corporate stress management policy: I suspect it's got more to do with generation than palliation. Daisy's so annoyed with Julia she's likely to blow a gasket.

Apparently, Julia's miffed because Amy had a doctor's appointment at the same time as a long-standing one of Daisy's. Now, anybody living in the real world will tell you that the odds on being able to arrange that two people have medical appointments on the same day, let alone the same time, are pretty remote (there's usually a seven-day wait between my ringing the doctor's surgery and the appointment and I know that's not unusual). When Amy came back, Julia stormed in the back and asked:

"So what's your problem then?"

Amy tried to explain that she's suffering from anxiety attacks and depression (that's fifteen members of staff to my knowledge). When challenged as to the causes she tried to explain further. Julia broke her off:

"Stop it, you'll have me feeling bad, too."

Daisy's spent the day trying to tidy up the mess and isn't best pleased at this latest display of management empathy.

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