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Saturday, October 20, 2007

What a collection

The Books for Sharing Collection has been mouldering in boxes in a corner since Adam was a lad. We're awaiting the decision as to where they're going; we thought we knew in July but we were wrong. Noreen's updated the catalogue entries three times to date:
  • When placing the order. But Mary said not to create item records as she didn't want them showing on the catalogue. Quite how we issue items without item records wasn't a question that arose at the time.
  • A couple of months afterwards Mary decided that there should be item records and that they needed to be added to the catalogue.
  • I let slip the other day that a few months back Mary arranged for me to create Books For Sharing item category codes and loan rules, so Noreen went back in to do the necessary changes. (I should have guessed that she wouldn't have been told. My bad.)

Noreen's now dropped anchor, refusing to do any more work on this until she's given all the information required to do the job just the once more. I can't say I blame her.

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