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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Seth's reached the end of his tether as far as The Nation's Biggest Whiteboard is concerned. Having redrawn the grid of "squares" for the fifth or sixth time since its installation on the wall he's asked to redraw them "bigger" to take into account that Someone Who Will Be Nameless may need to include details of their whereabouts, the colour of the carpet and the star signs of the meeting participants. In the mean time, Milton and Doreen, who should know better, had half-hearted goes at redrawing a couple of individual squares within the grid. And then the on-board erasing tool (a sponge on a steam iron that sits in a cradle that sticks on the board) appears and compromises the structural integrity of the final column.

Seth reckons he's not playing any more.

I'm initially envious that this whiteboard has had more management group attention in two weeks than I managed to get of e-government in two years. Then, on reflection, I acknowledge that there's probably a reason why the whiteboard is a blank sheet with a bunch of aimless, half-hearted lines left scribbled on it whereas our e-government deliverables work, for the most part, without upset or incident.

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