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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Local news

Seth's having a lark today and no mistake.

A year ago Henry Irving incurred the wrath of the Dutch Bend localhistoristas by suggesting that the bound copies of The Dutch Bend Bystander could be moved to the controlled environment stacks in Sheep City.

"This is the heritage of Dutch Bend and should stay in Dutch Bend!"

Instead they got dumped in the caretaker's room in Raccoonville Library.

The caretaker's room in Raccoonville Library is now destined to be the location for this season's must-have, so the Bystanders need to be moved. Seth is volunteered for the job of shifting one-hundred and sixty-eight volumes of bound broadsheet newspapers in the back of the van.

For once, they're not coming here. Not sure where they are going but I'm afraid to ask in case they turn and come my way. There's still a bit of space under my desk.

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