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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Wandering into the staff room I see all the teaspoons in the building arrayed on the worktop like a cutler's display at The Great Exhibition. Mister Strategic has his health & safety hat on and has decided that grubby and/or wet tea spoons are a great hazard to the well-being of the staff (and certainly a greater one than the knife drawer he's left wide open at crotch height).

Mary and Noreen have had a great peroration on the evils of the tea spoons from the great man.

Not for the first time do I remember that T.Aldous is an only child and married late. Anyone who's ever shared a house for any time knows full well that common sense demands that in a communal area you always give crockery and cultery a rinse before use.

T.Aldous is too busy to discuss the options for the proposed joint service centre in Catty.

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