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Friday, October 26, 2007

Professionals seeing the big picture

Fact one: The new library at Roadkill is empty and has been empty for a year. This is particularly embarassing politically and organisationally.

Fact two: Frog is organising some storytelling workshops for staff training. This is urgent as the inspectors told us to get this bit of the act together three years ago.

Fact three: We don't have many training spaces in any of our libraries and both libraries with space will be closed for repairs this winter.

Fact four: We struggle to make staff available for training because they're so thin on the ground. It is possible to do some workshops while two libraries are closed for repairs this winter.

Taking this into account, Frog decides that this would be a good time to organise these workshops and that the new Roadkill Library would be a good venue as there'll be plenty of space and it would show those who need to know that we are committed to the place, honestly, despite all the evidence to the contrary. He receives these complaints from Town Librarians:
  1. Why are we doing this now? We don't have time to organise this. (Actually, he will be doing that)
  2. Why have it there? It would be better at Helminthdale (which will be closed at the time; besides which every time we do use Helminthdale we get whinges from Catty Library that "everything's at Helminthdale.")
  3. There won't be any books from the Storytime Collection at the new Roadkill Library. (There are at the current site, next door. And Frog is planning on taking a crate of books with him on the day.)
  4. It would be better to have the workshop at Frog's desk, near the Storytime Collection he uses. (There's room for one slim person to stand by his desk.)

I despair. Do these people have no sense?

1 comment:

The Topiary Cow said...

Wouldn't it be fun if everyone who whines about meeting venues were automatically excluded from participating, but the record would reflect their attendance to satisfy the inspectors.

Then the one slim person could stand by Frog's desk after all.