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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Print jam

Panicky 'phone call: "My printer's jammed!!!"

Previously I had never believed this to be an ambiguous statement, a printer jam is a printer jam, right? Wrong.

The printer wasn't jammed with paper. The counter was jammed with printer. In trying to tidy up they had managed to wedge it between innocent bits of debris. Innocently I asked how the printer had managed this wonderful status of wedgèd, expecting to find that it had gone down to the pub the previous evening, got smashed on toner and fallen into this all too small gap on its way home. Well, not really, but the real explanations are often equally fanciful. On this occasion I was told that they were going to try it over the other side of the counter, to improve the feng shui. The fact that there's no electricity over on the other side did't enter into the calculation...

1 comment:

The Topiary Cow said...

Dearie me.

Nobody told them that printers can't affect feng shui?

It's only the toner which can effect the feng shui of the room.

Sheesh. EVERYBODY knows that!