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Monday, October 08, 2007

Board part ∞

So we've got the biggest whiteboard in the catalogue. What next? Well it goes on the wall doesn't it?


Seth drills the holes, puts in the plugs and then gets told that the holes are in the wrong place. The whiteboard needs to be exactly centrally-placed on the wall. This involves moving the desk for the fax machine eighteen inches to the left, blocking the main doorway. Still, what's a few barked shins and bruised hips if the aesthetic is just so?

So the whiteboard's up and in use then?

No. No no no no no.

The lines need to be drawn onto the board. Seth spends a morning doing this. He has to create a 10 x 13 grid: ten people, one header row and six half-days. So he draws it, with the aid of two yardsticks tied together with Sellotape.

So the whiteboard's up and in use then?


"The squares aren't big enough," says Himself.

I suggest replacing the whiteboard with a sheet of stretch rubber.

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