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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lohengrin without the laughs

I can't believe this pay and grading nonsense is dragging on so long. I can't remember how many extensions they must have had on the appeals by now. The latest twist is that Counter Supervisors do not do cashing up and petty cash accounting. It's in their job descriptions and they've been doing it for ten years but Management Group has decided that they don't do it. God knows why not, it doesn't have any bearing on the pay and grading scoresheet. Amusingly enough, Human Resources are almost as pissed off about it as the Counter Supervisors:

"Your bloody managers have created more work for us than the whole of Social Services! And what for? God alone knows!!!"

It came to a head today. Julia insisted that she is responsible for the cashing up and petty cash accounting. Daisy threw a wobbler (she had one in her pocket at the time):

"I'll leave the safe key on your desk then shall I?"

We're now in a Mexican stand-off and waiting for developments.

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