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Friday, October 03, 2008

The team comes out, the crowd all roar

Next week is Mature Learners' Week in Helminthdale.

"Why haven't you put the programme of events on the library web site?"

"Perhaps because I've spent the morning scrounging round the reference library picking up the booklets so that I can find out what events we're putting on and what I'm expected to be providing technical support for."

"People will want to know what we're doing."

"I can entirely see their point of view."


Lavinia said...

Mature Learners' Week? What's that?

I scarcely learned a thing when I was immature; I can't fathom the pressure to learn anything new now. It's far too late...

Kevin Musgrove said...

It's the brainchild of one or other of the working groups for upping the statistics on community learning activities. Someone unkindly referred to it as "Things To Do For Wrinklies." Given our customer demographic, and that all the kids are at school, this seemed to be an obvious programme to buy into.