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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Delegated powers

A correspondent writes:

My head of service has decided to give our customers the option of either paying us their overdue fines or having them added to their Council Tax bill. Now bear in mind our library management system isn't linked to the Council Tax system. Anyway they wouldn't exactly be amenable to our adding odd coppers to the tariff on an ad-hoc basis. And what do we do with the fines on the system? So I asked him how we're going to this.

"I'll leave the details with you."

Roll on the auditors!

That's the third week running he's won our inter-authority Really Stupid Library Management Competition. Our mob must be losing their edge.


Gadjo Dilo said...
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Gadjo Dilo said...

"I'll leave the details with you" Ha! The worst kind of bastard. I bet he spends more time brushing his hair than he does actually working.

Kevin Musgrove said...

and that's just on his palms