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Monday, October 13, 2008

The fire through your keyhole looks cosy and bright

The network connections have been so bad, and the deadlines for a couple of pieces of work so telling, that I've got the OK to telecommute tomorrow.

The good news: my network connection's eight times quicker, it's capable of keeping a connection to the internet for longer than ten minutes at a time and I won't be interrrupted every half hour to ask my opinion of that table over there. (sigh)

The bad news? Some people have no sense of irony.

"The problem with working from home is that I won't know what's going on in the library."

"Yes, that is a problem. You'll be in email contact so you'll be able to contact us every so often to ask if there's anything you need to know about."


librarylizzie said...

Does anyone really call it telecommuting any more? So, working from home....fun, isn't it? Did you have a spot of lunch in front of the TV, watching the re-runs of Jeremy Kyle? Or is that just me?

Kevin Musgrove said...

Just you Lizzie.

I had a whole day's worth of King Oliver and Louis Armstrong.