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Monday, October 13, 2008


A new cupboard has appeared in the staff room.

"What's it for?" I ask.

"Posh cups."

"Posh cups?"

"For visitors."

"Why do we need a new cupboard for visitors' cups? There's an empty cupboard in the kitchen units."

"Ah, no. We might use them then. These are special cups for special visitors. So they need to be kept out of our reach. They used to be kept in a cupboard in the management suite but they need the room."

"I see... We used to have a box of cups for visitors. Whatever happened to them?"

"They're in that cupboard."

"Special cups for special people?"

"Special cups for special people."


Lavinia said...

Oh Kevin, of course this is elitism at its very worst. I thought the class system was abolished in dear old England. I suppose all you plebes have to drink out of those horrid too-thick cups which are stained and chipped. Rest assured if you ever had a wee cuppa at Chez Lavinia, it would be nothing but the very best fine bone china with our pinkies in the air no less.

Kevin Musgrove said...

And petits-fours?


Lavinia said...

I'd stuff you full of all sorts of goodies and delicacies, I assure you!