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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I've eaten pea soup with a fork

I need to prise open the casing of a barcode scanner to replace a couple of wires someone pulled out. The handle of a teaspoon is just the thing so I repair to the staff room to borrow one.

"You'll have to watch yourself," warns Frog, "T.Aldous has got them all counted."

I dutifully laughed.

"No," protested Noreen, "he really has got them counted and he's trying to track down the missing spoons."

"Oh hell, he's not doing an inventory check is he?"

"They're not on the inventory are they?"

"Didn't you know?"


Lavinia said...

Seems a tad....extreme, doesn't it? What's next, a rationing of toilet paper? (Five squares per go and not one square more!).

Apologies for the 'toilet' humour...

Kevin Musgrove said...

You've reminded me of a story I don't think I've told before. I'll check my sources and get back to it.