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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Something enterprising in a package

The mother, father and many generations of grandparents of boxes arrives in the fire exit corridor. I am utterly gobsmacked.

"Wotizzit?" I ask.

"Catty Library's fridge freezer," replies Maisie.

We've got Catty Library back and it's being shelved and snagged even as we spoke so there's no very good reason why it couldn't have been delivered directly. There's absolutely no need for me to ask why it's come here, like everything else has to.


Anonymous said...

We saw the departure of a fridge from the Sauna a few weeks ago. It was really interesting. The chaps from Maintenance drained the coolant for disposal, took the door off and then cut it in half (horizontally!) with a reciprocating saw. What couldn't be recycled went in the dumpster. I suggested they try it on any of the conservatoire students cars in the staff parking lot.

Anonymous said...

PS - Kevin - Greetings from Sheboygan. The special collections folk at the Sauna miss you.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Egad major! I am prostrated - I went to Commonplaces first for tonight's catch-up and so didn't realise you'd finally gone public. I could have tagged you for a lark.

I hope the blog includes some photos of the Betty Page Diorama of the Asteroid Belt. The world deserves to see it.

Anonymous said...

Tag Away, Old Boy!! The water seemed so much fun I thought I'd jump in :-)

I shall try to give you a report on Betty Page's Nebula when everyone's happy with the lighting.