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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A bit tucked away in a eunuch's truss

There are being discussions on ways of improving the use of the Teacher's Project Pack Collection. This is necessary because at any given time only 11% of the stock is on loan. In part this is down to poor marketing. Mostly it is our constant need to ration everything, regardless of demand.

Mary and Frog come up with a bazzing idea: why not allow teachers to borrow more than twelve items from the collection at a time? It has fallen at the first hurdle.

Which is, as ever, Policy Team...

"We can't let them borrow more than twelve items! What if somebody else wants to borrow these items and can't because they're on loan?"

Mary is so astonished and angry by this argument that for the first time in recorded memory she's telling her staff what's been said in a Policy Team meeting.


Unknown said...

Reading museum has 'memory boxes' that they loan like a library to schools and rest homes, they have things like 1950's cosmetics that are used to provoke memories or discussions about lifestyles. I love this notion of libraries lending memories... ...lending objects... ...The constrining factor on my borroing is how much fits in my back-pack and I can carry, this rarely reaches the full 12 book quota, I have to wonder whether there should be a special arrangement for 'heavy' borrowers....

Kevin Musgrove said...

Hi Wendy!

We do something similar to Reading Museum. Our service is aimed at nursing homes, helping workers who are doing reminiscence therapy and the like. They're pretty neat. I'd love for us to do something like the old jackdaw packs for general use as well.

And if it was down to me, I'd loan out shopping trollies for the books, too.