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Thursday, October 09, 2008

National Sight Day

"I'm just going upstairs to meet the Mayor," Mary tells Noreen.

"Why's he here?" asks Noreen.

"He's here for National Sight Day. He's popping in to have a cup of tea with Nancy."

Is it National Sight Day? Apparently so: Spadespit Bullocks have blindfolded the Mayor and he's gamely spending a couple of hours wandering round the town centre to get an idea of what it's like to be blind. It's become a tradition, and as an earlier Mayor said:

"I was so relieved to take of the blindfold after a couple of hours: I'd found it so difficult. Then I realised that some people can't take it off."

We didn't do anything for Make A Noise With A Library Day because Nancy was off sick. I don't know why we've not done anything for National Sight Day, except giving the Mayor a cup of tea, 'cos she's been pottering about the building for weeks now. I'm annoyed with myself at not spotting this event myself; I shouldn't wait for the information to be communicated by the librarian in charge.

I am further delighted to be dragged away from an urgent piece of work to come up and chat the Bullocks about the talking PCs in Nancy's unit. They'd asked T.Aldous who wasn't sure of the details of the service they provide and Nancy was even less forthcoming. It irritated me no end to see that she was spending all her time serenely drifting about the room nestling her mug on her belly.

There are days when I feel guilty that I'm paid the same as Frog and Bronwyn. I am disgusted and infuriated that we're all paid the same as Nancy.

Filled with anger and self-loathing I escape and get back downstairs to a piece of work that had a lunchtime deadline and find that the corporate network's fallen over again. Luckily, the work's done remotely via the browser so I can get it completed and sent off on one of the public PCs.


The Topiary Cow said...

Pay is random. There is no reflection on ability or effort.

The more Cow repeats this to herself the better she feels about her lot in life.


Lavinia said...

National Sight Day? Good grief. Well,they've a day for everything else,why not sight. My daughter invented National Potato Day. It consisted of me making french fries for her and her friends.

Kevin, try not to agonize. Can you possibly 'fortify' your tea in any way in a desperate attempt to cope.

Kevin Musgrove said...

I expect you're both right.

I do feel bad about not setting something up for National Sight Day, though.

Lavinia said...

Kevin, perhaps you can 'see' to doing something with an 'eye' to next year's Sight Day. Foremost, you need a 'vision'. Don't rush into anything blindly!