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Monday, June 22, 2009

Planning ahead

Mary is now officially of pensionable age and has a bus pass to prove it. For the past year she's been dropping hints that she'd be jumping ship when the time came. And she has, indeed, been pretty semi-detached for the past eighteen months. A couple of weeks ago she finally announced that she would be retiring in a couple of months' time.

Frog's currently bogged down with preparations for the summer holidays including the dreaded Summer Reading Game (the game's a great idea but the administration overhead's always a ball-acher and there's always some issue about the accompanying web site). As a jolly add-on he's also having to prep an event this autumn for promoting one of The Reading Agency's programmes (I've lost track: I don't know if this is Book You, Book Off, Booked Up or Book This For A Game Of Soldiers). Mary, as is her wont, started wittering about this when she was holding court in the staff room.
"I don't know why you're worrying about it Mary," said Noreen. "It's not like you'll be here for it so you can wash your hands of it all."

"What do you mean?" asked Mary.

"Well, you'll have retired by then."

"Who said I'd have retired by then?" yelled Mary indignantly.

"You did. The other week."

"I may stay on until well past Christmas," stated Mary, sailing off in High Dudgeon (sulking for the use of).


Lavinia said...

I daresay I'm not pleased with Mary's snit. Quite the bee in her bonnet, isn't there. Is she in or is she out. Six of one and half a dozen of the other. I'm losing patience with these kvetchers. Do something Helmy...I really must insist.

Kevin Musgrove said...

I am a camera: although I inwardly seethe I merely watch and record.

Well, that's all I'm admitting to anyway!

Dr Maroon said...

OK Kev, bit late, but "love a melon day"

There's a naked man wearing a leather harness affair, and he's drenched in Durex fun lube (mint flavour) and on a table in front of him is a teasing sexy melon in which he has cut a most anatomical slit, and he is obviously aroused beyond reason so he grasps the saucy melon with both hands fingers splayed, and pulls it towards him when his mother bursts into the room to tell him that President Kennedy has been shot.

Dr Maroon said...

"I am a camera:" but you no Leica

Kevin Musgrove said...

My God, Maroon, you're not one of the habitues of Cattermole Street Library are you?

Dr Maroon said...

No, I am one of the sad old gentlemen drinking Super Lager on the bench outside.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Cattermole Street? Named after "Big" Janice Cattermole of behind the bikesheds fame, by any chance??

Kevin Musgrove said...

And her sister Big Doreen.