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Monday, June 22, 2009

Paperchase II

Regular readers (care of Dobbiroids Horse Rejuvenators) will recall that we're now transporting all the waste paper from the far reaches of the empire back here for us to put into our one, single waste paper recycling bin. Maisie takes a call from Gypsy Lane.

"I've been away a few days and I've come back to find that somebody's been actively collecting newspapers to be sent down to Helminthdale Library for recycling. There's a big pile of the things. I know it's a major pain but is it OK for me to send them in on the van?"

"Hide them in a box and send it here marked for my attention," advises Maisie. "I'll sort it out when it arrives."

Every so often I have to go upstairs and look at the bookshelves just to remind myself we're providing a library service.


Ladybird World Mother said...

Oh, I don't know, how about a little water recycling plant behind the biographies? x

Lavinia said...

And the paper chase is on!

Face it Kev, you've lost control.

May I recommend a giant bonfire out back with all the attendant rites and ceremonies which those of your Empire old enough to have lived through Empire, (or better yet, the far reaches of Empire)can advise correctly upon.

Methinks you've got enough to keep that fire going awhile, anyway.

Kevin Musgrove said...

LWM: you mean stock-editing the reference library.

Reassure me, Lavinia: I've never given you the impression that I actually am in control, have I?

Lavinia said...

Actually Kev you have from time to time exhibited shall we say Svengali-esque attributes.

I say this with whole-hearted approval.

I just find it...so...discouraging to think that the inmates are running the asylum. You may not see yourself as the sole stalwart holding lunacy at bay, but really, (terrifyingly?!) that may just be the case...