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Monday, June 15, 2009

Delilah tests her scissors before cutting Samson's hair

Just trying to distract myself from listening to:
  • an interminable debate about the thickness of clock cards;
  • the desk that has "the wrong drawers" (i.e. the set of drawers that it's always had, not the set of draws that somebody who drew up a floor plan decided that they would have when the time came to move the desk but didn't do anything about getting);
  • whether or not anybody's walking past a postbox;
  • and the case of the disappearing printers.


Dr Maroon said...

Kev, I've noticed something about drawers. No matter what, it’s like “Take Your Pick” Where is that “scoring” shirt? In here? No, table cloths. What about this one? No, sheets.
Fuck it all. Slacken that tie, kick off your shoes, I know you ain’t goin’ anywhere, you’ve always been a good friend of mine, but you’re always sayin’ farewell and the only time that you’re satisfied, is with your feet in the wishing well…

Lavinia said...

What on earth is a clock card? I'm getting visions of some Salvador Dali-esque timepieces running amok with scissors and other assorted elements of nightmare.

Now, as for the case of the disappearing printers, might I suggest you nip to the bookshelf which holds the Sherlock Holmes mysteries and brush up on detective skills.

It all reminds me of that incident at that hotel in Cuba, namely the case of the disappearing towels. Don't be alarmed...the house detective 'took care' of it.

Meet you in Havana Helmy!

The Topiary Cow said...

Cow doesn't know what a clock card is either...

(now hiding in a drawer, with several handbags)


Major D'Omo said...

Clock Card = Time and attendance record card, used for clocking in and out for hourly-paid employees.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Doctor: indeed, and the socks without the holes in are always in the wash.

Major: Thank you sir. I have a cunning plan for illustrating this further.

Lavinia: I'm told the bolita tables in the San Souci are off-limits since the revolution. Will that cramp your style?

Lavinia said...

No it won't Helmy. I've got friends in low places. They'll see to setting us up right as rain.