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Friday, June 26, 2009


Mary should have been working the first three days this week and having Thursday and today off. On Wednesday morning she rang in first thing and said that she was having that day off. Fair enough, sort of (we'd get a bollocking for it, mind).

Frog was getting on with some work for the summer holiday activities when Mary came over to him and said:

"Frog, I want to have a quick meeting with you and Bronwyn to see where we're up to with things."

"I thought you were on leave today?"

"I had Wednesday off so I thought I'd come in today

I can see us having fun with Mary's diary this summer.

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Lavinia said...

The situation is completely out of control. Mary is turning Helminthdale into a circus. A flea circus at that. This calls for things to be taken desperately in hand. Really, this latest turn of events is most alarming. I predict total disaster if Mary is not reined in, somehow.