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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Surprising what one finds funny in the trenches

Milton and I are trying to project-manage the usual end-of-financial-year-panic buy of equipment.

"Where's all the money for this coming from?"

"They reckon they've got IT budgets to spend."

"Have the budgets been reconstructed to create IT budgets?"

"No. Every time we have a budget reconstruction meeting we never get past 'Harry Presto took the training budget off us and gave it to the leisure trust when it was set up.' Every single time. I got the impression that Harry Presto was some sort of ruthless bastard but I met him once and he seemed all right."

"He was OK, as far as he went. Certainly not a monster."

"That's not how you hear from T.Aldous."

"I know you're spending the People's Network Revenue Budget I wasn't allowed to touch because we both know how much of a fight you had to have to get T.Aldous to let go of it... What are the others spending?"

"Must be an existing IT budget."

"For twelve years they told me there was no IT budget."

"It's one of those magic ones that only seems to exist when they want something. I wouldn't worry about it."

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