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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cartridge World

Fucking brilliant. It's not enough to have a spooler problem on the network dragging the laser printers to a dead stop. Nor enough to have five inkjets on public counters die on us. Four perfectly serviceable and useful inkjets are now out of operation because it has been decided not to buy replacement ink cartridges for them in order to rationalise stationery supplies.

"What do we tell our customers?" I'm asked.

"Give them a box of crayons."


The Topiary Cow said...

Several thoughts spring to mind:

-adopt the Russian system of taking up a collection amongst those affected by the shortage, to buy said needed supplies.

-give people printouts anyway, insisting that you can read them fine

-Put in a service request to HP that the printers aren't working. Maybe the technician will "donate" some in exchange for not having to make a service call.

-Pray loudly over the cartridges, calling for a resurrection. It IS Easter, is it not?

-Libraries here charge per page for printouts (use of the computers is free). Start charging for printouts and give them credit for when you actually have enough money to buy cartridges.

Buy printouts now at 20p per page, redeem later when charges are 50p per page.

Cow wishes all the best to Mr. Musgrove in his search for cartridges.


Kevin Musgrove said...

The insane thing is that we charge for print-outs and have an income target for it but we still have this sort of nonsense.

Ta for the best wishes, we may need them!