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Thursday, March 27, 2008

I think I must have been changed several times since then

Huzzah! I think/hope/pray that I've tidied out all the debris from the server crash nobody told me about. Indexing's still a bit fragile: I can see me having to rebuild the keyword databases a few more times before they're properly stable, and that after the LMS company's support manager deleted the file and rebuilt the data structure (which is as scary as it sounds!). Still, no matter, it's just the system that 95% of the service's performance processes depend upon.

Now, if it had been a wobbly cupboard then that would have been a different matter, especially had it been the wrong colour. The full panoply of library management would have been urgently involved.


Webrarian said...

So while you were going through this, yours truly was buggering up our system.

In an over-enthusiastic wave of 'cleaning up before Cipfa' we (that is, I) deleted 'missing' 25,000 items and 15,000 'expired' members.

Amongst the members were most of the 'pseudoborrowers' - useful little things like Reserve Shelves and In Transits. Much of the reservation service collapsed around me. It took a week to put it back together again.

Thankfully, nothing was so bad we couldn't get it right again. But was seriously scary while it was going on.

And going on at the same time as preparing for Cipfa and End of Year.

That's what comes of trying to do too many things in too little time...

Kevin Musgrove said...

Oooh ouch! I did similar once but, thankfully, working from home during Xmas holidays (I know, I know). Luckily, I had an ohno!second feeling and so could get most fixed in just over a day before the libraries re-opened. I can't imagine the hell of doing it live, you have my sympathy and respect.