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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A comical dance of cardboard boxes and fish

Oh dear. Sixty-four boxes of new stock -- the result of the visit to the supplier's -- has arrived at the same time as twenty boxes of books that have been on order for three months and six sets of new encyclopedias. The drought has turned to flood.

Not helped by the fact that these boxes are competing for space with a load of old metal cupboards in the fire exit corridor.

Mary has been granted a rare boon by the council's Finance Department and Maisie's got two hours' access to the finance system to get the invoices paid out of this year's budget. Noreen and Betty are rummaging through the boxes, retrieving invoices, copying them, giving Maisie the originals and putting the copies back in the appropriate boxes for checking, receiving and invoicing on the stock ordering system later. Mary is sanguine about the situation:

"There's no pressure to get these all through the stock ordering system. They'll do any time."

"Err... no," says Noreen. "It has to be done in the next week so that we can close down the 2007/8 funding hierarchy and do year end."

"Kevin could set up a separate 2007/8 hierarchy that we could pay the visit off with, couldn't you Kevin?"

"A ghost account!? Aren't we due to be audited again this year? They only looked at the ordering process last time, I'll bet they'll be having a look at how we reconcile the invoices this time."

"Oh yes, I hadn't thought of that. Pity."

Thank God for auditors!

There will be no relief once the stock from the sixty-four boxes has been received and invoiced as it's all to be packed up again to await the re-opening of Epiphany Library.

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