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Monday, March 31, 2008

No more dank rambles

Talk of money reminds me that T.Aldous is the only person in the Library Service with the authority to waive fines.

He is also the only person technically incapable of doing it.

Years ago it would have taken a supreme effort of will not to tell him that he'd need to waive the fines for all those overdue books the other day. These days I have more sense and leave well alone. I don't want to risk his deciding again that we need to arrange some coaching sessions to talk him through some of the basic circulation functions like issuing, renewing and returning books (let alone reserving a book!!!)

I've never actually done a coaching session with him. What happens is that instead of spending half an hour or so doing the coaching you get a variable number of weekly half-hour explanations of all the reasons why he's not able to arrange the session and it's a shame because it would be tremendously useful and it would be useful to be able to understand all the mistakes that other people seem to keep on doing. The excuses peter out a few weeks after you've lost the will to live.

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