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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Relict of the Bunty comic

Oh aye, Julia's back from holiday. She's just issued an email to Lettie, the Children's Librarian at Dutch Bend, to the effect that how dare she allow a SureStart event at Raccoonville Library, one of Lettie's branches. Julia needed to OK this. Apparently.

I've no problem with Julia knowing about it: one of my long-standing gripes is that our library managers boast that they don't know what's happening in our libraries. (How do they know what resources are needed to deliver the services and events that are happening? Oh tush: away with you!) I am impatient with the selective micromanagements within this service, though.

Especially when the reason why there is a problem is that Julia's still sulking because the Children's Centre at Roadkill wouldn't let us have free use of the community room a couple of weeks ago.

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