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Thursday, March 06, 2008

The gimlet-sharp mind of the reference professional

We've done well to get to Thursday before this week's network down at Dutch Bend. As I'm reporting the problem to the helpdesk I receive a 'phone call from the Reference Library.

"One of our customers was looking at their email when we went off. Can we guarantee the security of his email?"


"Can't we?"

"We can't guarantee the security of his email. If he's that worried, once the network's back up he can log back on, log off and feel comfortable about it but we can't guarantee the security of his email."

"So we can't guarantee his security?"

"No, we can't guarantee his security."

"So what should I tell him?"

"We can't guarantee his security."

"Oh. We can't then?"



This, one of our oft-proclaimed professional specialists in information and reference library services, has had access to the internet for a decade.

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