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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Moving the goalposts

For some years it has been Mary's dearest wish that we get all the Branch Managers trained up to deliver storytimes additional to those done by Frog and the other librarians.

Catty Library's closed for repairs so most of the borough's children's librarians are currently on the same site, which makes it easy for them to get their heads together and come up with ideas for getting the training delivered and done. Frog's encouraged them, they've writen up their ideas and they passed them up to Management Group, sorry, Policy Team, for the OK last week. The Group Librarians, predictably, said that they might struggle to provide cover for the training; but they were OK with the principle. So it went through nem. com.

Except that Mary took Frog to one side this morning and said:

"I'm not sure we should be doing this. I think there are other ways we could be dealing with the under-fives besides storytimes."

In the absence of any firm indication of precisely what these other ways might be and taking into account the work done by the others Frog's got no option but to support the new training programme knowing that Mary's gone lukewarm on it. To his credit, he's actually all the more determined to support it: PT complains that the Assistant Librarians don't take on work projects, so why on earth do anything to undermine them when they do?

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