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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stock query

We've got a pile of DVDs for the Acq. team to invoice and process. Julia and Mary bought them on a supplier visit at the beginning of January. Children's educational stuff: "Huckleberry Hound's ABC Singalong," "Krazy Kat's Kounting Game," "Muffin the Mule's Musical Merry-go-round," and the like. Once a week since they arrived Noreen asks Mary what she wants doing with them and please can she pass the invoice. Once a week Mary says to leave them for now while she has a think.

Mary's finally decided to let the invoice pass. We haven't fathomed out why it's the supplier's fault that Julia and Mary bought a pile of stuff then didn't know what they want to with it. Once they've been invoiced they've to go back into the boxes while we wait to find out how they're to be processed.

Noreen's further complicated things by asking whether we're licensed for lending this stock.


Webrarian said...

Good old Noreen.

That one's always a killer line.

The Topiary Cow said...

Maybe somebody will do you all a favor and just steal them.

Then you'd just have a bunch of police forms and insurance forms to fill out. Simpler, for sure.

Oh. Wait. They didn't buy anything worth stealing, did they?