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Monday, September 24, 2007


In trots T.Aldous...

"I've just come back from the meeting about the call centre. They want to know how much training will be needed for their staff to use the management system."

"That rather depends on what they'll actually be doing and what we decide to let them see."

"I tried telling them that but they said that was detail for a future meeting but they need to know how much time to set aside for training. By the way, you don't mind being the trainer do you?"

"I can't see any option, I'm the only person in the borough who can do it."

So there we have it: give a binding answer to the amount of time needed to provide training on a suite of unspecified functions to a group with unspecified permissions for to deliver a parcel of unspecified customer transactions. For once T.Aldous was embarassed by a daft question so I told him to tell them it would need between one and four two-hour sessions, which is suitably vague without resorting to bald derision.

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