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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Knowledge Management workshop two: timeliness and credibility

Verity Hedley, the branch manager at Carbootsale Library, goes to each of the local Community Forum meetings. It's a good way of keeping in touch with the local community as well as making sure the library's at the table when there's any useful developments. It's a bit tricky this time: T.Aldous was told a month ago that we weren't successful in getting funding for a major revamp for the library, he told Verity last week and he told her that she wasn't to tell anyone, even the local councillors.

"I'll tell councillors," says T.Aldous.

Which is interesting when the Forum gets to discuss community room facilities in the area:

"We can't really decide on what work we need to do on the facilities until we get the results of the funding bid for the library," says Councillor Pascombe. "Have you heard anything Verity?"

"T.Aldous has told me he'll let you know when he's heard anything."

"Ooh, haven't you heard?" pipes up another. "It was unsuccessful. We were told that in last week's housing association meeting."

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