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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Knowledge Management Workshop one: know your enemy

T.Aldous will tell anybody who asks that "we have regular monthly staff meetings." This actually means: "we have occasional staff meetings at Catty and Dutch Bend." At Helminthdale the last of even these wizened briefings was more than a year hence.

In some respects it's no bad thing not to have to endure one of T.Aldous' whizz-bang monologue shows. In other respects it would be useful for us to know what was going on in the service. Especially as those people backstage without borough-wide responsibilities end up answering the 'phone for T.Aldous and being subjected to interrogations about where meetings are, why someone's not available, etc. etc. etc.

Today, for instance, it would have been nice for us to know that there's going to be a book launch in the library next week before seeing the poster in the shopping centre. We might have felt like we were part of the team. As is, we may decide that we know nothing about it and bollocks to them.

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