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Friday, September 07, 2007

Positive reinforcement

We're constantly told what we're not able to do: usually by T.Aldous when he's either disrupting progress or covering his butt. We do get some things right, actually...

In yesterday's lending team briefing Bronwyn and Salome told the staff that they should be looking around to see if any ideas for changes in the library come to mind. We know that a lot needs to be done: the last-minute arrangements and installations of nearly two decades ago are stuck in aspic because T.Aldous has obfuscated his way around stopping two lots of Group Librarians' plans for rejigging everything. Doreen's decided that enough is enough and she's canvassing staff for ideas prior to a big shift-around.

"You new folk in particular should have a look around and make a note of any ideas," says Salome. "The rest of us have been living with work-arounds for so long that we've forgotten how annoying the problems really are."

One of the new bods takes Bronwyn to one side later on.

"It's really good that we're being asked our opinions. I've not worked anywhere where my opinions counted for anything."

All cynicism aside, there's a certain sadness to this tale. Don't get me wrong: I'm glad that the girls asked their staff for their opinions (and meant it); and I'm glad that they got such a nice response. But it's awful that anybody should have such a poverty of expectation. Let's hope we don't betray it.

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