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Thursday, September 06, 2007

It would be marvellous on the beach in summer

Frog and I are doing some work in Windscape Library this afternoon so we decided that we might as well have us lunch in the park while it's not raining. As we were sat sitting by the pond, throwing chips to the ducks, we had a joint shiver of existential angst.

"You do realise that if we just stayed here and spent the afternoon feeding the ducks and didn't do any work nobody would give a shit?"

"Happen. So long as we clocked in and clocked out. They don't care what you deliver just so long as you put the hours in."

"When do you reckon Mary will ring the library to speak to one or other of us?"

"Two o'clock prompt."

The email requiring an urgent answer was sent at one-thirty.

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