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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Processed cheese

"Has anyone shown you this?" asks Jim. "We've been looking at it in Management Group this morning."
"This" turns out to be a series of process flowcharts for the call centre's staff using our systems for customer transactions. Most are wrong in detail and one is functionally illiterate. Needless to say, this is the first I've seen of it and I've no idea who informed the process mapping.
"It's another panic job: Warner's got to sign it off on Monday."
I raise my eyebrows.

"T.Aldous spent all morning telling us that he only got this yesterday morning and that's why he asked them to postpone the signing-off meeting that had been set up for today. Except it turns out that this is the revised document taking into account some of the comments from earlier meetings."
This is true. In proper justifying-the-consultancy-fee fashion the document's history is mapped out date-by-date in the first page. T.Aldous sat on this for a month before letting Management Group see it. I'm getting my first dekko this lunchtime. I am fizzing.

Trying to convince myself that I can still be professional occasionally I go through the document, mapping out the errors and issues requiring decision as I go along, sketching out a few possible solutions along the way knowing full well they won't be looked at let alone adopted. Lovely.

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