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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Like you do your sandwiches

Doreen's planning for what happens when the carpet's replaced at Helminthdale Library. T.Aldous' plan seems to be for half the library to be roped off while the workmen do the carpet and then the other half roped off while they do the carpet there. Which works very well with an empty room. It's a bit more difficult when the place is full of bookshelves, books and furniture. So it's decided that all the stuff that needs to be got out of the way should be stacked up in a corner of the library that can then be roped off from the public (don't don't don't ask where the kit that's in that corner's got to go!!! we're digging a hole to bury the earth displaced from the first hole we dug).

So far so bad.

T.Aldous has decreed that the stock that's being shifted out of the way shall not be boxed up. Imagine, if you will, twenty thousand non-fiction items stacked up in piles on a trestle table in the corner of the library, just begging to be accidentally knocked over and replaced out of sequence. Doreen's already wondering if there's still time for her to book leave for that fortnight.

Why has T.Aldous suddenly taken agin boxes? Who knows: there's no evidence of any rethink backstage.

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