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Monday, October 26, 2009

Lovers dance and children sing and everybody does their thing

It's school half term week and we've geared up a full programme of activities and visits for children of all ages. So far we've had:
  • Kids riding through Epiphany Library on their bikes;
  • A visit to Epiphany Library from The Jolly Community Policing Team;
  • A visit from The Jolly Glazier to Senebene Library; and
  • A roof-top demonstration of skateboarding skills at Carbootsale Library.

At this rate we'll have this year's Community Engagement ticks in all the boxes by Thursday.


Gadjo Dilo said...

Let's hope The Community doesn't change its terms of engagement before Thursday!

Pat said...

Another illustration of how things have changed. Makes me realise how very unimportant we were as children in the thirties and truly had to be seen and not heard. In the scale of things we were right at the bottom but what fun and freedom we had.
Tee hee! word verification is COWSHI

Macy said...

Are there to be no photos of your rooftop skateboarding feats at Carbootsale Mr Musgrove??

KAZ said...

Ah don't you just love half term - an opportunity to stay indoors and do the cleaning.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Gadjo: the community very rarely has any say in the matter...

Pat: unfortunately, too many children are allowed to think that their fun and freedom is an inalienable right regardless on its effects on other people. They're only picking up the selfish attitudes of their parents.

Macy: it'll be on a CCTV playback somewhere.

Kaz: half term's lovely: the opportunity to see how loutish some mothers' little darlings can be.