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Monday, October 05, 2009

9,000 glossy art studies of General Bismark doing the splits

I didn't even manage a full morning

Bronwyn came over to ask me a question:

"Did you know that Catty Library has set up a reserve stock collection and set it up so that those books aren't available for use anywhere else in the Borough?"

Well no, I didn't. It ought not to be in the realms of possibility that I should know but I don't, I'm just the Systems Librarian. Bronwyn, however, really should know as she's responsible for stock management and stock profiles in every library we've got.

"I only found out when I tried to reserve a copy of this book for a customer and discovered that I couldn't," she explains. "When I rang up to ask about it they said that they put all the books that were too big to go on the shelves into boxes and put them in the back room. And changed the loan types so that they weren't available for loan elsewhere."

We both wondered what "too big" meant in this context. The book in question turned out to be only very slightly thicker than The Beano Book. Then we both tried not to go off on one on the subject of Catty Library.

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